Culture and Historical Museum Week Recovery in 2014

May 2014

The exhibition which included the event of the 9th National Museums Week, sponsored by IBRAM and aimed to preserve, promote and honor the history of grape and wine. The exhibition showed wine labels and derivatives industries of the first wineries in the Midwest of Santa Catarina. The panels contain labels from wineries city of Tangará, Videira, Pinheiro Preto, Iomerê, Salto Veloso and Fraiburgo.

Luiz Panceri - responsible for MUVISC historian, tells us that: "What we see today is that we have lost the patience to wait for things to happen in due time, if we can speed up the ripening of the grapes, corn growth, anticipating the harvest, all that we do. Previously things took a long time to happen, but by no means least there are stories to be told about that time, however, the adversities and challenges were so great, that produced very interesting stories that often do not realize that current generations really happened, only see retellings in movies. "

Was realizing this and trying to recover the histories dating back over 100 years, that on 12, 13 and 14 students in municipal schools in Tangara, visited the Museum. Continuing activities on 15 day was the presentation of the theatrical show "Angelo and Amábile - Immigrants" which featured some of the saga of Italian immigrants arriving in Brazil until the moment they were able to produce the wine so valuable. The pair of actors succeeded in improvisation and interactivity well, giving life to countless stories that the museum brings in and were counted during visits.

The audience joined in the dance, literally, it was up to the students and teachers performance, enacting the very traditional "Bella Polenta".