About the Museum

The Museum of Viticulture was born with the goal of archive and maintain the history of Viticulture of Santa Catarina, which had its beginnings over 90 years. The museum also has part of the 130th anniversary of Italian immigration in Santa Catarina - that colonization was responsible for the final deployment of the culture of grapes and wine in the state - and also highlights the trajectory of German immigrants, French and Swiss, which populated the western half of Santa Catarina and made its history of viticulture. In addition to objects related to Viticulture and Immigration, visiting the museum you will find pieces of hoarding, indigenous instruments, devices and other curiosities.


Built in 2003, the Museum was born from a dream directors of Panceri Winery, and Celso Luiz Panceri. Luiz Panceri, lover of history of Italian immigration and researcher Panceri family, built the museum with the initial goal of archive and keep the family history, which is fully interwoven to viticulture.

But it was in 2009, thanks to the support of the Government of the State of Santa Catarina through Funturismo; and the Federal Government through the Ministry of Culture, the structure of the museum was expanded and cataloged his collection, then going to be the Museum of Viticulture of Santa Catarina, since the parts that compose it comes from all growing regions and grape wine in the state.

Divided into three sections - Viticulture, and Immigrant Family Panceri - the museum has objects dating from 1900 and depict the early life of the immigrant in the land of Santa Catarina and his hard progress, since the cultivation of other crops such as corn and wheat, to achievement as dreamed of planting vineyards.

In the exhibition we can highlight the labels and bottles of 60, the first state wineries to bottle and sell fine wines. Tools for building kites and wood barrels, laboratory objects, glass bottles and sulfatar machines.