Culture and Historical Museum Week Recovery in 2014

May 2014


From 12 to 16 May at the headquarters of the Museum of Viticulture of Santa Catarina - MUVISC in Tangara, there were several activities for the 12 th National Museum Week, organized by IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums) and organized various cultural activities throughout the country.

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Temporary exhibition: "History Labeled"

May 2011


The exhibition which included the event of the 9th National Museums Week, sponsored by IBRAM and aimed to preserve, promote and honor the history of grape and wine. The exhibition showed wine labels and derivatives industries of the first wineries in the Midwest of Santa Catarina. The panels contain labels from wineries city of Tangará, Videira, Pinheiro Preto, Iomerê, Salto Veloso and Fraiburgo.

School Project at the Museum

September 2010


The project belonged to the Museum School in events related to the Spring of Museums. During one week students from seventh and eighth grades of public schools in Tangará and Ibiam visited the museum and made ​​fixing activities. The groups were led by displays that showed the history of grape and wine in the Fish River Valley and also conducted activities that expressed the importance of the relationship between museums and schools in students' learning and training.

Inauguration of the Museum Expansion

December 2009


The expansion and modernization of the Museum of Viticulture inpressindível was good for maintenance and improvement of the acquis in visitations. The inauguration of the new facilities took place in late 07th December 2009 and was attended by the Governor of the State of Santa Catarina - Luiz Henrique da Silveira, who in due course spoke of the importance that the wine industry is in the state and evolution of the Catarina wine in recent years.